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Jose Tabares, professional photographer

Hello everyone!

It is a pleasure to introduce myself. I was born in Holguin, Cuba. I am a Cuban citizen and Finnish .

I graduated with a degree in art history at University of Havana, Cuba, in 1992. I studied at the Institute of Visual Communication (VVI Oy) in Tampere, Finland, diplomando Craft photography (KIU) and Professional photographer ( VAT). Also, I did Multimedia courses at the Evangelical School of Helsinki (HEO). I am a member of Federation of European Photographers and  Finnish Professional Photographers Association.

Founder of Studio Photostar, based on love and passion for photography.

The constant search for beauty and unlimited creativity are the foundations of my work.

I conclusively that expertise in this business is only reached in the relentless experimentation.

I work not only with cameras and lights; also with the heart, and strive their best to produce images of high technical quality and an effective message.

You remember that you have the right to indulge himself a beautiful photographic image! And I will strive to ensure that you get a picture of high technical quality and a well developed and effective message.

Come on! it’s time to relax and enjoy a fun photo shoot.

I wait behind the camera!

The warmest welcome!

Thank you!

José Tabares


+358 45 8983650

Please, download here my portfolio

Portfolio Jose Tabares Photography